A quick primer on silverware placement.

The proper place setting of silverware can impress your guests, although a little practice with table manners never hurt anyone.

First lets talk about silverware placement.

The plate goes in the center of the place setting. A saucer and the soup bowl go on top of the plate. The forks are on the left side with the salad fork in the middle between the entree on the outside and the main course fork on the inside. The knifes and spoons are on the right side of the dinner plate. The knifes is next to the plate and the spoon is on the outside. The desert fork and spoon are placed at twelve o’clock of the plate. The desert spoon is on top and is pointed towards the left. The bread saucer and knife are placed on the left of the plate at about eleven o’clock. The knife if placed on the sauce facing left. Drinks are placed on the right side, at about one o’clock, The knife points to the water and then the wine glasses are right of it. The order of the glasses is water first then the red wine then the white wine.

Click on picture for fullsize view.

Silverware place setting

Description of numbers in picture:

  1. Bread plate and knife
  2. Napkin
  3. Salad fork
  4. Entree fork
  5. Main coures fork
  6. Plate, soup bowl and saucer
  7. Fish knife
  8. Dinnerknife
  9. Spoon
  10. Red wine
  11. White wine
  12. Water
  13. Desert spoon
  14. Desert fork

Salt and pepper are always passed together and when you pass around food always empty the spoon. The napkin is usually folded and put on top of the dinner plate. If you are serving soup the napkin is placed on the left side, left of the forks.

With a little preparation you too can make a beautiful place setting. A little practice in table manners can make a meal a wonderful dinner. A little elegance in your place setting with make a nice romantic meal.

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